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Employment - Cutri Fruit Farms stone fruit - Stone Fruit Farm in Swan hill Woorinen - Large fruit grower and packer over 50 years - Peaches, Plums, Nectarines

Cutri Fruit - Grown With Passion
Stone Fruit farm - Cutri Fruit - Victoria Australia award winning stone fruit farm - Victoria Australia - Cutri Fruit Award winning Cutri Fruit Farm Victoria Australia
Cutri Fruit Victoria Australia stone fruit farm 50 years growing and packing stone fruit in Victoria Australia - Cutri Fruit - grown with passion

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Cutri Fruit Employment Opportunities

Cutri Fruit Farm 50 years growing and packing stone fruit in Swan Hill/Woorinen Victoria Australia Cutri Fruit Victoria Australia
Cutri Fruit Australia - stone fruit grower and packer Cutri Fruit Victoria Australia Cutri Fruit Australia - stone fruit grower and packer
  Stone Fruit Australia - Cutri Fruit Farm over 50 years experience  

offers continual and ongoing work for people with a genuine interest in the stone fruit industry. Year-round work is offered in the areas of thinning, pruning, picking and packing the nectarines, plums, peaches & apricots.

Farm Hands Needed

Experienced people required to work during the harvest period of November-April. Positions available include picking and packing.
Positions also available from May-August for pruning work, and August-November for thinning work.
Year-round employment offered to the right people, with some accommodation also available.
Workers must have a positive attitude and be willing to both learn and work.
Please email us or call Gaethan on 0411 336 116 for further details.

  Cutri Fruit one of the largest stone fruit growers and packers in Australia - over 60 years

  Please refer to the below for information regarding working with Cutri Fruit:

Fruit picking is strenuous and physically challenging. It isn't suitable for all people, but anyone who is motivated and in good physical condition can pick fruit.
Fruit is picked according to colour and size specifications set by management.
Picking runs from the start of November through to mid-March, although the exact starting and finishing dates vary from year to year. 
All employees need to provide a tax file number and Australian bank account details. Payments are made once a week (Friday morning) directly into personal bank accounts. There are no payments by cash or cheques.
What you need to bring
1. Long-sleeved, light cotton shirt
2. Broad brimmed hat
3. Well-fitting, non-slip, covered footwear.
4. Long pants or long shorts.
5. Sunscreen
6. Plenty of drinking water
7. Your own food and drinks.
Occupational Health and Safety
Before starting work, new employees are given information about safe work procedures. Detailed information about sun protection, ladder safety and tractor safety is provided and it is expected that employees adhere to these directives and work in a safe and responsible manner.
As part of this process, employees must advise management of any pre-existing injuries.

During the season we have several positions available for packing fruit, which involves visually assessing quality of fruit passing over conveyors and separating good fruit from blemished or misshapen fruit. Fruit grading is less physically demanding than picking, but it requires concentration and long periods of standing.
A significant amount of training is given to new packing employees, and therefore the minimum period of work available for grading positions is 4 weeks.

Growing & Packing High Quality Stone Fruit - Cutri Fruit Farm
Cutri Fruit - large stone fruit grower and packer Victoria Australia
Cutri Fruit Victoria Australia 50 years growing and packing stone fruit - Cutri Fruit

EMAIL US  P:+61 (3) 5037 6661  F: +61 (3) 5037 6649
Postal: PO BOX 17  Fruit Farm: 38 Byrnes Road  Woorinen Victoria 3588 Australia



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Employment Cutri Fruit Farm - grower & packer peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots Swan Hill Woorinen Victoria Australia