Stone fruit Australia - Stone fruit farm Swan Hill Woorinen Victoria Australia. Growing apricots, nectarines peaches and plums. Export stone fruit to China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia

"Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients." Richard Branson

CUTRI FRUIT is a business built on integrity, honesty and long-lasting customer relationships. Our dedicated team strives to ensure the production of the highest quality stone fruit (nectarines, peaches, apricots and plums) utilising sophisticated and integrated management and business systems, and employing a cultural work ethic that achieves excellence.

Currently owned and operated by Gaethan Cutri, a former lawyer and third generation farmer, the farm utilises Gaethan’s diverse business and farming skills to ensure best farming practice, focusing on industry-leading systems and processes to produce the highest quality stone fruit. 



Gaethan was born and raised on the farm, and then went away to study Law and Commerce (with Honours). He went on to work for one of the country's most respected Law firms, before returning to the farm in 2004. Gaethan now acts as Chief Executive Officer for Cutri Fruit.

Since returning to the farm Gaethan has won many coveted awards and has taken the farm to the next level, due to his dedication to the business and his love of systematisation and perfection. 

Gaethan also has a passion for all things sport, and has represented Australia in numerous activities, including for road cycling, one of his great loves.



Nicole has been working in the business alongside Gaethan since 2004, and has moved through all aspects of the business.  She has a degree in Communications with a double major in Journalism and Spanish.  Nicole now assists across all levels of Management within the business, with the primary focus being marketing, and assisting with exporting through Certified Fresh.

Nicole has a strong passion for yoga, and is a certified yoga teacher, having established a yoga studio and loyal following in Swan Hill.  When she is not at the farm you'll find her getting bendy on the yoga mat!


Gaethan’s father Dom is still involved in the business, though he has taken a big step back in recent years.  

He has had a strong presence in public office and as a spokesman of the Australian stone fruit industry for over thirty years. He was the inaugural president of the stone fruit industry body, “The Australian Stone Fruit Growers Association”, currently known as “Summerfruits Australia Limited”, was the inaugural president of the Victorian stone fruit industry association, the “Victorian Summer Fruit Council”. Dom has also recently sat on the International Advisory Committee to Horticulture Australia Limited.



Dion grew up in Tasmania and completed a Commerce/Law degree from the University of Tasmania in 1992. Dion is married to Gaethan’s sister Lisa and has been coming to the farm for 20 years. In July, 2014 Dion resigned from his role at Macquarie Bank to take on the roles of CFO and Domestic Sales Manager for Cutri Fruit.

Dion has worked in Finance, Business Management and Business Development roles for BHP, Spotless, GE and Macquarie Bank. Dion worked for Macquarie Bank in Sydney for 7 years in Banking and Finance and Agricultural Funds Management. In his time at Macquarie, Dion spent 3.5 years working in the Macquarie Pastoral Fund and was a key member of the team that established and expanded the operating company into one of Australia’s largest landholders.

Dion’s favourite piece of fruit oscillates between a June Sweet yellow nectarine and a Dapple Dandy plum.



Steve has worked in produce from a young age, from a family wholesale business in the UK, to partnership with one of the UK’s largest progressive farming families, Langmeands and Nature’s Way.

Following this chapter of his life, Steve then emigrated to Australia with his wife and three children in 2006. Together they owned businesses across the hospitality and retail produce space before returning to the horticultural growing sector in Tasmania and then also in South Australia.

Steve is passionate about the fresh produce industry, and about innovation within this industry (he’s the perfect fit for us!!), and takes great pride in delivering excellent customer service to all consumers, both domestically and overseas and is focused on further developing export opportunities with all our valued overseas customers.

Steve's favourite piece of fruit is a yellow nectarine.



Amal is the newest member of our team, joining the Cutri Fruit team as our Export Coordinator. 

Originally from France, Amal grew up in the beautiful "City of Lights" (Paris) until 2013, when she then decided to pursue her education overseas. Amal arrived into Brisbane in 2014 and studied a Masters of International Business Advanced at Griffith University. Being identified as one of the best students within her course, she also worked for the Queensland Government (TIQ) and the French Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry throughout her studies. Following her graduation, Amal began her career into the export of fresh produce in the role of Export Officer at Valleyfresh Exports in Brisbane.

Amal speaks 4 different languages (French, English, Spanish & Arabic) and has traveled to more than 26 countries. She embraces cultural differences and considers herself as “a citizen of the world”.

Amal's favourite piece of fruit is a red plum, eaten cold, at any time of the day!



Marc has a Bachelor of Horticultural Science majoring in Postharvest Science and Production Horticulture. He is wise beyond his years, having been involved in the farming industry since 1989, picking fruit for the first time and instantly falling in love with horticulture. Since then he has worked his way around most of Australia, working on a variety of farms and industries being horticulturally-related. He has worked at the Department of Agriculture Victoria (as it was then known) as a Postharvest Scientist and managed a range of farms in South Australia, Victoria and NSW that grew fruit and vegetables as well as developing on-farm scientific researching methods and techniques.

Within Cutri Fruit, Marc will work to monitor soil moisture levels at various phenological stages of growth, observing how this can affect not only size of our fruit but growth of the tree; various pruning methods conducted at different times of the year; thinning density and postharvest storage trials, to name a few of the exciting projects he will be working on. Marc is also involved in managing our newly-established plum and nectarine breeding program and the expansion of new crop types.

Marc’s favourite piece of fruit is a Flavour Fall plum, best eaten as wife Caroline’s jam, served on warm toast!



Greg has been working with Cutri Fruit for over five years, and is the gatekeeper of all payments, so make sure you're always nice to Greg!!

Greg moonlights as a guitarist, and is seriously good at it.

His favourite piece of stone fruit is the one that gives the quickest return of payment.



Greg is a long-term employee of Cutri Fruit, and splits his time between the farming locations, managing the Irrigation and Fertigation.  He has been working in farming for the majority of his life, and is passionate about stone fruit horticulture.  Greg has been integral in establishing the automated irrigation systems throughout the farm and has been the backbone for automating and systemising all areas of field operations.

When he's not at the farm.....his wife is surprised!!

Greg's favourite piece of stone fruit is a yellow peach, grilled on the BBQ and drizzled with a balsamic glaze.



Avneet has been working with Cutri Fruit for over four years. His initial role within the business was as Nursery Manager, but in recent months he has since taken over the role of Woorinen Farm Supervisor, alongside Baljinder. 

Anveet was born and raised into a farming family, and has a Bachelor of Commerce in India.  Since being in Australia he has completed his Production Horticulture and Wholesale Nursery qualifications.  He has been working in the horticulture industry for more than seven years.

Avneet is a huge fan of motor sport racing and loves the Bathurst 1000.

Avneet's favourite piece of fruit is a perfectly ripe, in-season fresh apricot.  He loves to eat them straight off the tree, hot from the sun.


Baljinder has been working with Cutri Fruit for over three years. His initial role within the business was as Nursery Manager, but in recent months he has since taken over the role of Woorinen Farm Supervisor, alongside Avneet.

Baljinder's favourite piece of fruit is a yellow peach. He loves to make peach gujiya with them.



Pammi has been working with Cutri Fruit for more than five years. He has worked his way through all areas of the business, first starting as a Farm Hand in Woorinen, then gradually taking on more and more responsibility.

In 2014 Pammi took over the reigns at Wood Wood and has been managing the farm in a way that has surpassed all expectations. We are all super proud of Pammi, and value the pride he takes in his role.  He is a Quality Control specialist in all aspects of labour jobs at Wood Wood (from thinning to training young trees).

When he can, Pammi likes to spend time with his family, either here in Australia, or visiting them back in India.

Pammi's favourite piece of fruit is a Dapple Dandy plum (the Wood Wood property grows some of the most delicious plum varieties available). He makes a mean spicy plum chutney with it.



Noor has been working with Cutri Fruit for past three years, working on our Wood Wood farm.

Noor’s main tasks are to control labour, pruning and thinning, as well as helping oversee all the areas of the existing stone fruit farm. Thanks to Noor being fluent in many languages, he is excellent at overseeing all the workers across this farm, and is a highly valued member of our team.

When Noor isn’t on the farm he likes fishing on the banks of the river, and spending time relaxing with friends.

Noor’s favourite piece of stone fruit is a Spring Snow White Peach and a Dapple Dandy pluot, eaten fresh off the tree.



Steve can be found doing any task around the farm at any given time of the day. He is the general go-to man for odd jobs. His absolute specialty across all tasks is pruning, with Gaethan constantly being heard saying "he's a beautiful pruner"!

Steve loves riding his motorbike offroad in his spare time and is fond of fishing.

His favourite piece of stone fruit is a white peach, eaten fresh off the tree.



Dave is another new recruit to the Cutri Fruit team. Initially Dave was brought into the business to manage all the dispatch within the factory during the season, but his plethora of skills has moved him well beyond just this. Prior to joining Cutri Fruit Dave had been working in dispatch for more than eight years, even though he is a glassier by trade and has trained and worked as a mechanic.

Dave has a keen mechanical eye and has dived head first into tackling any of the mechanical and technical issues that we have within the factory and the broader business. He will also take on the role of 2IC within the factory, working closely alongside Rob and the rest of the factory staff.

Dave’s passion outside of work is racing buggies, with his very good friend Marc. Think Total Renegade cross with Mad Max, and that’s the sort of vehicle these two like to hoon around in.

Dave’s favourite piece of fruit is a classic yellow peach, eaten fresh off the tree.



Sadly Jaenuri had to return home to Indonesia. He no longer works for Cutri Fruit, but we just couldn’t bear to remove him from the website, as he was such a cherished and valuable employee to the business for so many years. I think we are actually in denial that he is no longer with us. We’ll keep his photo here just so we can look at it for our own enjoyment!

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