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LPG teams up with Cutri Fruit

Two of Australia’s most respected fresh produce companies have joined together to create their new exporting joint venture, ‘LPG Cutri Fruit Global Exports’.

La Manna Premier Group (LPG) is one of Australia’s leading fresh produce supply chain companies. The Group’s farm production capacity spans all Australian states and includes open field growing as well as protected cropping. LPG has ripening and distribution centres in all major cities as well as Australia’s largest central market footprint.

Cutri Fruit is Australia’s largest grower packer of fresh stone fruit and has recently expanded its operations into the production of avocados. It has been exporting for over thirty years and has until recently had its own in-house exporting business, Certified Fresh.

Through the joint venture, ‘LPG Cutri Fruit Global Exports’ will handle all of Cutri Fruit’s exports exclusively and will also export the full array of products that LPG has been marketing for many years.

Both businesses are at the forefront of the Australian fresh produce industry and have long lineages of generation-rich horticultural knowledge. The joint venture will use the expertise in both businesses to supply buyers with the best Australian produce for 12 months of the year. LPG International Sales Manager, Frank Frappa, who is the key point of contact for the new venture says:

“LPG is so excited to be part of this new exporting joint venture. I’ve had a strong working relationship with the Cutri team for over fifteen years and see this as a natural fit. Both businesses love to invest in research and development, funding new frontiers in horticulture to constantly improve growth for our categories and customers.

Gaethan Cutri , CEO of Cutri Fruit, is equally excited about the new venture.

“The Australian stone fruit industry is currently going through its most exciting time of growth and exporting potential. To embark upon such an epic joint venture with LPG seems like the perfect opportunity to allow our exports to continue their upward trajectory into the future,” says Mr Cutri.

LPG Cutri Fruit Global Exports has fresh fruit available now, with some of the tastiest mangoes from its farms in the Northern Territory. The stone fruit season from the Cutri Fruit farms is set to kick off in a few short weeks, with the growing conditions to date being superb, setting the fruit up for another great-tasting season.

Frank Frappa can be contacted on +61 417 424 439 or WeChat ID: frankfrappa

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