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"In history lies all the secrets of Statecraft." Winstone Churchill

1980 - 1990 (Known as D&C Cutri)

1983 – D&C Cutri started exporting stone fruit (England);

1985 - D&C Cutri is the first to plant white nectarines and plums in large numbers in Swan Hill district;

Late 80’s - First container exported to Taiwan by Cutri;

Late 80’s - purchase of Reserve Road block (10 ha).

1990 - 2000

1990 – Expansion of the Farm to the Mallee Block;

1991 – Dom Cutri appointed inaugural Chairman of Australian Summer Fruits Association;

1993 – D&C wins RASV Australian Farm Management Competition;

Mid 90’s - D&C Cutri first exports to Singapore;

Through 1990’s – continual expansion of Mallee Block (to 40 ha);

1999 - Expansion of shed with new Compac grader (one of the first Compac graders in stone fruit in Australia).

2000 - 2010 (Cutri Fruit emerges)

2002 – Purchase of Lake block (10 ha);

2004 – Gaethan returns to the Farm with Nicole;

2005 - Business rebrands as Cutri Fruit;

2006 – Expansion – planting occurs in the New Mallee block;

2007 – Gaethan wins Weekly Times RASV Young Farmer of the Year and the business wins Weekly Times RASV Horticulture Producer of the Year and Farm Business of the Year.  Wins the Swan Hill Region Business Excellence Award;

2008 – Cutri Fruit wins Family Business of the Year - 2nd Generation and Telstra Business Awards – Finalist Victoria;

2010 – Flood event occurs, approximately 50,000 trees lost;

2010 - Current 

2012 - Replanted the Woorinen farm after the flood event of 2010;

2013 – Purchase of Wood Wood property (130 ha);

2013 - Direct vendor status with Coles established;

2013 – Installation of blemish sorting Compac grader and further expansion of the packing facility;

2014 – Direct vendor status with Woolworths, Costco (Australia), Wellcome (Hong Kong) and Park'n'Shop (Hong Kong), established;

2014 – Recruitment of additional staff in sales, blemish operation and shed management.

2015 - Gaethan (and daughter Coco!) make the front page of the local Sensis White Pages for Gaethan's status as being a leader in young horticultural innovation.

2015 - Purchase of additional 91Ha at Wood Wood.

2016 - MAF (France) blemish sorting technology sourced and installed in the factory.

2016 -  Purchase of additional 379Ha at Wood Wood.

2017 - 45 Ha of Avocados planted at Wood Wood.

2017 - Awarded and recognised as a Westpac Top 200 "Business of Tomorrow".

2017 - Direct access into China for Nectarines.

2017 - Texas A & M University early season fruits imported. 

2018 - Plum varieties (Ben Dor IP) planted in the Wood Wood Plum Project.

2018 - Nursery created at Wood Wood farm to breed and manage our own trees for the Plum Project.

2018 - Purchase of two additional stone fruit properties within the Woorinen district.

2018 - Direct access to China for Plums and Peaches.

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