Cutri Fruit - Stone fruit farm Swan Hill, Woorinen Victoria Australia. Stone fruit growing and stone fruit packing. Quality stone fruit sold domestically and exported overseas.

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention....and skillful execution." W.A Foster

Cutri Fruit complies with the strictest standards in food and safety practices. Our commitment to quality begins in the field and continues throughout the company-owned packing facility and high-quality cool rooms. The fact we only pack our own fruit allows us to maintain strict quality control standards including fully documented procedures right through from field to dispatch. Our world-class technology allows us to trace the fruit from packing right back to the source tree.

Cutri Fruit uses cutting-edge IT systems to scan and trace all aspects of the production of our fresh fruit. 

To further our commitment to giving customers a more transparent transaction with us, Cutri Fruit uses Muddy Boots software. This ensures attention is being paid to the right things at the right time, reducing the risk of poor quality product getting onto the shelf and into the hands of our customers, and is also another way we can ensure the quality, integrity and traceability of our products.

Our staff are trained in all aspects of hygiene, food handling and safety practices. CUTRI FRUIT’s quality assurance and food safety procedures often surpass the highest standards.

CUTRI FRUIT believes in working with the environment to achieve the best possible outcome to be able to provide the best possible products. We work biologically with nature to ensure the most natural and flavoursome fruit is produced, with minimal use of chemicals. CUTRI FRUIT strives to achieve a balanced approach to soil mineralization in an ecologically and environmentally sustainable manner.

CUTRI FRUIT operates under a comprehensive Food Safety program, assuring food safety from the field to the consumer. We are certified with GlobalGap, SQF2000 (Level 3), HARPS, FreshCare, WQA and ICA 23. To comply with and maintain these strict quality standards, CUTRI FRUIT regularly undertakes inspections by certified Quality Assurance (QA) auditors and has an in-house QA and Quality Control Manager.

Our certifications and memberships

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