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"Innovation distinguishes between a a leader and a follower." Steve Jobs

CUTRI FRUIT has a brand new truly world-class packing facility with the best technology available to sort, grade, pack and store fruit. Our Compac fruit grader is at the forefront of fruit sorting technology, with blemish grading and IR technology enabled.  The facility is fully insulated, so even when the temperature is scorching outside, the packing facility stays at an optimal cool temperature so the fruit stays fresher longer.

With the capability of packing roughly 80 bins per hour, the new grader is one of the best in the industry.  The cool storage rooms have both variable speed fans (to reduce fruit shrinkage) and forced air cooling, which rapidly reduce the pulp temperature of the fruit to below 0 degree Celsius, as required for optimal exporting conditions.

Our fruit is unloaded and then again loaded (once packed) directly onto our trucks straight from the coolstore, ensuring the coolchain is not broken resulting in optimal quality fruit and the freshest possible product to the end consumer.

CUTRI FRUIT’s careful management practises in both production and packing have proven to increase both the quality and the shelf life of our tree-ripened peaches, plums, nectarines and apricots. Our tight quality control practices ensure we are able to offer a premium product to our customers.

We have the support infrastructure and state of the art contemporary business systems to ensure the delivery of quality fruit on time, every time.

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