Stone fruit Australia - Stone fruit farm Swan Hill Woorinen Victoria Australia. Growing apricots, nectarines peaches and plums. Export stone fruit to China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia

"Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients." Richard Branson

CUTRI FRUIT is a business built on integrity, honesty and long-lasting customer relationships. Our dedicated team strives to ensure the production of the highest quality stone fruit (nectarines, peaches and plums) utilising sophisticated and integrated management and business systems, and employing a cultural work ethic that achieves excellence.

Currently owned and operated by Gaethan Cutri, a former lawyer and third generation farmer, the farm utilises Gaethan’s diverse business and farming skills to ensure best farming practice, focusing on industry-leading systems and processes to produce the highest quality stone fruit. 



Gaethan was born and raised on the farm, and then went away to study Law and Commerce (with Honours). He went on to work for one of the country's most respected Law firms, before returning to the farm in 2004. Gaethan now acts as Chief Executive Officer for Cutri Fruit.

Since returning to the farm Gaethan has won many coveted awards and has taken the farm to the next level, due to his dedication to the business and his love of systematisation and perfection. 

Gaethan also has a passion for all things sport, and has represented Australia in numerous activities, including for road cycling, one of his great loves.



Dion grew up in Tasmania and completed a Commerce/Law degree from the University of Tasmania in 1992. Dion is married to Gaethan’s sister Lisa and has been coming to the farm for 20 years. In July, 2014 Dion resigned from his role at Macquarie Bank to take on the roles of CFO and Domestic Sales Manager for Cutri Fruit.

Dion has worked in Finance, Business Management and Business Development roles for BHP, Spotless, GE and Macquarie Bank. Dion worked for Macquarie Bank in Sydney for 7 years in Banking and Finance and Agricultural Funds Management. In his time at Macquarie, Dion spent 3.5 years working in the Macquarie Pastoral Fund and was a key member of the team that established and expanded the operating company into one of Australia’s largest landholders.

Dion’s favourite piece of fruit oscillates between a June Sweet yellow nectarine and a Dapple Dandy plum.


Gaethan’s father Dom is still involved in the business, though he has taken a big step back in recent years.  

He has had a strong presence in public office and as a spokesman of the Australian stone fruit industry for over thirty years. He was the inaugural president of the stone fruit industry body, “The Australian Stone Fruit Growers Association”, currently known as “Summerfruits Australia Limited”, and was the inaugural president of the Victorian stone fruit industry association, the “Victorian Summer Fruit Council”. Dom has also recently sat on the International Advisory Committee to Horticulture Australia Limited.



Mick has stone fruit in his blood, growing up and working on a local stone fruit farm his whole life, before then going away to study computing at the University of Bendigo. Post-study, Mick then had various banking roles, before realising his passion belonged on the farm. When he returned to the region, he then had his own farm for 21 years, and in this time completed a Diploma of Horticulture and a Diploma of International Trade.

Mick was recently the President of the Swan Hill Summerfruit Association (for approximately 5 years) and is a CFA volunteer for over 20 years, serving as Captain for 8 of those years. And in all his free time (!) he likes to spend quality time with his wife and three teenage children.

Being a part of such an innovative, progressive and tech-driven business is what excites Mick most about Cutri Fruit.

His favourite piece of fruit to eat is a white peach, perfectly kissed by the sun.



Jason leads the Development Team and is responsible for everything involved with development of new blocks of land, machinery and equipment maintenance, including supervising installation of irrigation, trellis and netting.  There's a lot of exciting work happening within and around the orchards, so Jason is a pretty busy fella!  He's pretty much the guy responsible for bringing all Gaethan's big-thinking visions to life, and no development is too much for Jase.

Jason is a born and raised local, and a dedicated family man.  So dedicated, in fact, that he has two of his grown sons, his brother and his nephew working within his team.

His favourite piece of fruit is going to be one of the ones that grows under the new netted area, a development he's particularly proud of.


Rebecca (Bec) is our go-to person for all things Quality Assurance and Compliance.  She's generally our go-to person for everything! Bec also assists Dion in Domestic Sales and is Gaethan's right-hand person.

Bec came to the Swan Hill region in 2003, with the thought of having a ‘gap year’.  During this time, she and her husband experienced what stone fruit farming was all about, and they never left. In addition to working within the Cutri Fruit family full time, Bec and her husband also own and operate a small organic farm.  When she's not at Cutri Fruit you'll find her working the land of her own farm, and enjoying the amazing weather and life of the Mallee.

One of Bec's highlights of being a part of the Cutri Fruit team is being surrounded by people who are passionate about growing the best quality produce and being involved in new and innovative farming ideas.

Bec's favourite piece of fruit is a yellow peach, nice and ripe and juicy, eaten fresh and mixed into her daily fruit and yoghurt at lunchtime. And afternoon tea time, and breakfast time.....and any time in between!



Greg has been working with Cutri Fruit for over ten years, and is the gatekeeper of all payments, so make sure you're always nice to Greg!!

Greg has worked as an Accountant for over fifteen years, working for Fortune 500 Companies in Melbourne. Greg splits his off-season time between Cutri Fruit and music teaching (currently teaching 40-50 students a week), and has also played in local and Melbourne bands, indulging his passion in music, as well as career in Accounting.  Greg is a seriously good guitarist.

His favourite piece of stone fruit is the one that gives the quickest return of payment.



Jaco is our dedicated Factory Manager. It is his job (amongst many, many other things) to make sure our delicious fruit arrives to our customers in prime condition, and on time every time.

Jaco is born and bred in South Africa, and moved to Swan Hill in October 2019 with his wife and three children. He’s a ray of sunshine in the Cutri Fruit business, with his positive attitude and his passion for continuous improvement, both personally and professionally. Jaco is always up for whatever challenge Gaethan is able to throw his way.

Jaco says his favourite part of being a member of the Cutri Fruit family is working with such passionate people, who are always striving to be better every day. He’s excited for the big visions we hold within our team and our business.

Jaco’s favourite piece of fruit is a freshly-picked white nectarine.



Emiliano has recently joined the Cutri Fruit team as an Industrial  Engineer to improve efficiencies and reduce waste across all parts of the business and to create a culture of lean thinking.

Originally from Argentina, Emiliano moved to the Swan Hill area mid-2020. He is passionate about all things lean manufacturing: waste reduction, environmental impact, and how we contribute to the community. He is a true believer that what we do every day is what defines us, and that the secret of life lies in those little details of our ordinary life. It is because of this he is motivated to study and improve processes (how we do what we do).

After working for 4 years in a well-recognized car manufacturer company in Argentina, Emiliano graduated as an industrial engineer and decided to travel the world to explore how life was lived in other countries, and to learn from other cultures.

Emiliano is excited to be a part of one of the biggest fruit producers in Australia, within a business that takes sustainability and continuous improvement to another level.

His favourite piece of fruit is without a doubt the flat “Galaxy” peach. 



Pammi has been working with Cutri Fruit for more than nine years. He has worked his way through all areas of the business, first starting as a Farm Hand in Woorinen, then gradually taking on more and more responsibility.

Pammi's role of Health & Hygiene Coordinator at the Wood Wood stonefruit and avocodo orchards sees him managing the farm in a way that has surpassed all expectations. We are all super proud of Pammi, and value the pride he takes in his role.

When he can, Pammi likes to spend time with his family, either here in Australia, or visiting them back in India.

Pammi's favourite piece of fruit is a Dapple Dandy plum (the Wood Wood property grows some of the most delicious plum varieties available). He makes a mean spicy plum chutney with it.



Avneet has been working with Cutri Fruit for over eight years. His initial role within the business was as Nursery Manager.  He now coordinates the primary orchard activities around pruning, thinning and picking at our Woorinen locations.

Anveet was born and raised into a farming family, and has a Bachelor of Commerce in India.  Since being in Australia he has completed his Production Horticulture and Wholesale Nursery qualifications.  He has been working in the horticulture industry for more than nine years.

Avneet also took a recent leap of faith and started his own pizza franchise.  If you want great pizza, head to Pizzahood!

Avneet is a huge fan of motor sport racing and loves the Bathurst 1000.

Avneet's favourite piece of fruit is a perfectly ripe, in-season fresh peach.  He loves to eat them straight off the tree, hot from the sun.



Baljinder has been working with Cutri Fruit for over eight years. His initial role within the business was as Nursery Manager. He now coordinates the primary orchard activities around pruning, thinning and picking at our Wood Wood farm.

Baljinder and his wife have opened and run Swan Hill's best Indian restaurant.  Be sure to call into Kebab & Curry Hut when you're next in Swan Hill.

Baljinder's favourite piece of fruit is a yellow peach. He loves to make peach gujiya with them.



Steve can be found doing any task around the farm at any given time of the day. He is the general go-to man for odd jobs. His absolute specialty across all tasks is pruning, with Gaethan constantly being heard saying "he's a beautiful pruner"!

Steve loves riding his motorbike offroad in his spare time and is fond of fishing.

His favourite piece of stone fruit is a white peach, eaten fresh off the tree.



Noor has been working with Cutri Fruit for past three years, working on our Wood Wood farm.

Noor’s main tasks are to control labour, pruning and thinning, as well as helping oversee all the areas of the existing stone fruit farm. Thanks to Noor being fluent in many languages, he is excellent at overseeing all the workers across this farm, and is a highly valued member of our team.

When Noor isn’t on the farm he likes fishing on the banks of the river, and spending time relaxing with friends.

Noor’s favourite piece of stone fruit is a Spring Snow White Peach and a Dapple Dandy pluot, eaten fresh off the tree.


Nicole has been working in Cutri Fruit alongside Gaethan since 2004, and has moved through all aspects of the business, growing it together with her husband.  She has a degree in Communications with a double major in Journalism and Spanish.  Nicole now assists across all levels of Management within the business (in the background).

Nicole has a strong passion for yoga, and is a certified yoga teacher, having established a yoga studio and loyal following in Swan Hill.  When she is not at the farm you'll find her getting bendy on the yoga mat and running around after their daughters!

Her favourite piece of fruit is a yellow peach, warmed by the sun, and fresh off the tree.

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